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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening have created to recover teeth that become discolored and yellowish because of getting older or personal habits like smokers, coffee lovers or tea, and alcohol. As the growth of technology, people who used to feel embarrassed by their yellowish teeth now there is a perfect chance to get a confident smile back.

Teeth whitening reduce and correct brown and yellow spots or even some mottled tooth staining. It also helps people of all ages and gives a bright and confident smile. There are two types of this treatment which are in-office tooth whitening and at-home whitening systems.

Many benefits that the teeth whitening offers to its consumers. White teeth are one of the most significant benefits because it helps you to increase the self-esteem and much more confident in the public. Beautiful smile is the best way to get the first impression. Smiles can be the most recognizable because it can reflect yourself as attractive and friendly person. When you smile with white teeth, it shows the positive personality, intelligence, and reliability because you will speak confidently and smile. Teeth whitening is not a cosmetic surgery so, it will give any pain during the treatment but it offers a good oral hygiene and health. When people have white teeth, they will more care about them and want to remain the result as long as they can. It also makes you look younger besides, dull , yellowed, and stained teeth always appear to the older people.

In-office whitening procedure takes an hour at hospitals or clinics and the treatment is done by the professionals. Dentists will make a specific tray to fit your teeth with bleaching solution. For at-home whitening there are four products that you can do at home; whitening rinse likes a mouthwash but contain more whitening agents. Whitening toothpaste contains mild abrasives and enzymes that helps to reduce surface stains. Gel strips are a gel that removes surface stains by applying the gel once a day and leave it for 2 hours. Whitening trays like when get the in-office treatment, there is a tray filled with whitening gel and put it to cover all teeth.