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Dental implant

A dental implant is the way to replace tooth roots into your jaw. This is one of the options for people who have lost their teeth from some disease, injuries, or many reasons. Dental implants offer a strong foundation and truly match your natural teeth. It is made from biologically neutral pure titanium to accept the human body and implants fuse.

The dental implants give two ways to replace your teeth – endosteal and sub periosteal. Each typedepends on the patient's specific needs or dental conditions which will be taken after a panoramic x-ray or CT scan.

A dental implant is given to people who have a good oral health, because it needs to support the implant as well as, a healthy gum without a periodontal disease is the best candidates to get a dental implant. This implant depends directly to the gum tissues and underlying bone so the patient who wants or needs to get this treatment; he or she really has to have a healthy gum in general.

A dental implant procedure depends on the patient's specific condition; the treatment will be created by the periodontist. There are five types of implants are offered to the patient – a single tooth implant, several teeth implant, and the all teeth implant.

The benefits of the dental implants are offered in many ways, it helps to improve the appearance, self-esteem, and a quality of life. Because it gives a feeling of natural teeth and become permanent, so you will not worry that they are going to pop out or look weird in the public. No worry when talking, dental implants allow the patient to speak clearly without mumble or slur the words. Enjoy your favorite food, the solid anchorage of the dental implants allow to eat easier without the pain of chewing pressure. It helps to improve long-term oral health because it does not require other teeth to support the implant. With a good care, the dental implants can be your friend forever.