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Dental Crown & Bridge

A dental crown is a specific restoration to cover a tooth that loss of structure. This treatment is used to contain shapes and sizes of teeth, it offers a strong appearance of the tooth. A dental bridge is the treatment to fill a gap of missing tooth and it is a custom-made to place permanently between two healthy teeth.

There are three types of dental crowns and dental bridges. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) dental crowns is the best of aesthetics and durability. It is the treatment to restore the back teeth. All porcelain dental crowns are tooth colored crowns as the porcelain fused to metal dental crowns. It is the aesthetic to restore the front teeth. And the last type of dental crowns, all metal dental crowns (gold) is the most durable and gives the precise fit.

The three types of dental bridges; traditional bridges are the treatment that involves with dental crowns and dental implants to fill the missing tooth. Cantilever bridges will give the adjacent teeth in the case of the missing tooth on one side. And Maryland bridges is the treatment that to support the back of existing teeth by metal wings.

The benefit of dental crowns is decay and erosion of damaged teeth. It helps to restore the self-esteem and confidence to your smile. When teeth are damaged, they will gain a lot of oral bacteria which it can drill out and fill the teeth-colored. This is the reason why the dental crowns have created to help and restore the wonderful teeth back to you. As well as, the advantages of dental bridges are filling the most gaps of teeth and it is a permanent treatment. Bridges improve and give you back a beautiful smile and the ability to use your teeth properly, like chewing and speaking. The dental bridges help the teeth to contain their shape and can use as the old teeth.

The procedure of both dental offers four following steps;

The dental crowns and dental bridges are not only the treatment that replaces the missing spaces but they also give a new confident life. Crowns can stay as your new teeth for over 20 years with oral hygiene and care, and bridges offer over 15 years to support and fill the gaps.